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Finikounda is a picturesque fishing village 30 km from Baywatch Hotel. It is distinguished by its picturesque beauty and the crystal-clear water beaches. Your choices are many, as you can swim both on the beach of the village of Finikounda and immediately afterwards you can taste traditional dishes in the taverns that stretch by the seaside. You can also visit the beach of Mavrovouni (or Anemomilos or Harupia) at a distance of one kilometer from Finikounda, which stretches over 2.5 km, is sandy and has deep blue waters. The bigger part of this beach is not organized, while in another part there are cafes, restaurants, sun loungers and umbrellas. Another option for go swimming is the beach of Lampes, located in the middle of the route Finikounda-Methoni, under the village of Foiniki. It is a sandy beach that extends to a long coastline and is easy to reach by car. Due to its size it satisfies all the preferences of both those who are looking for organized beaches, as well as those who seek to enjoy their bathing and nature calmly.
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