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The Area

Chrani is a coastal village of Messinia in southwest Peloponnese. It is approximately 35 km from the capital city of Kalamata Messinia, while Athens is about 265 km. Chrani is very close to other tourist destinations such as Methoni, Koroni, Petalidi and Finikounda.

Historical Review
Chrani is under the municipal section of Epia. The story of Chrani starts in ancient times and we can learn about it in the Iliad of Homer and Pausanias where Chrani is referred as Epia . According to Homer the Epia was one of the countries that gave Agamemnon to Achilles as dowry to marry one of his daughters to entice and persuade him to return to battle from which it was withdrawn. The Epia is also mentioned by Pausanias, which places it between Petalidi and Longa.

Chrani is a traditional village with narrow streets and stone houses, a seaside village with natural beauty, as it combines sandy beaches and clear waters, and many paths which lead to landscapes with rich vegetation and natural beauty. Anyone who visits knows the tradition of the place, meets the hospitable locals, tastes local delicacies and visits churches that hide all of a story.

Its privileged location makes it easy to access and visits to nearby destinations and historical monuments such as Koroni with the Venetian castle, Finikounda, the fishing village with its picturesque beaches, Methoni with its medieval fortress and the famous iconic Venetian lighthouse and Pylos which is widely known for the Battle of Navarino in 1827, the natural harbor, its castle and much more.
Also, Chrani due to its proximity offered a visit to historic Kalamata, the capital of the county.